Mackenzie Clarke

Personal Trainer / Owner

Meet Mack, your certified personal trainer passionate about unraveling the wonders of the human body's movement. Over the past 12 years, he's delved into various methods, aiming not just to train but to heal and enhance performance. Mack's journey isn't just about fitness; it's about unlocking the body's potential for a happier life. He firmly believes that how you move shapes your joy and well-being, and he's dedicated to guiding you towards optimal movement for a better quality of life. Join Mack on a transformative journey to discover your body's capabilities and elevate your happiness through movement.

Christine Clarke

Personal Trainer / Manager

Meet Christine, whose early passion for health and fitness blossomed through sports like gymnastics and bodybuilding, earning her a pro card. As a certified personal trainer deeply involved in the gym, she expanded her expertise by delving into nutrition and wellness.

Christine's focus is guiding others to their goals. She designs personalized nutrition plans, prioritizes proper form in workouts, and emphasizes the transformative power of balanced eating. Her mission is simple: to educate and empower, believing that everyone—regardless of age, gender, or lifestyle—can discover happiness and health through fitness and balanced nutrition

Kerri Bodie

Personal Trainer

Meet Kerri Bodie, a mother of five and a welder with over a decade of experience. Struggling with weight, she found solace in morning workouts and nutritional changes, shedding 30 lbs. in four months.

Inspired by her transformation, Kerri became a personal trainer in 2014. Fitness became her calling, a career that's both active and fulfilling. She's passionate about empowering clients to feel vibrant and strong.

Kerri specializes in helping women navigate postpartum fitness challenges, drawing from her own journey. Her approach combines dense nutrition and efficient workouts for real, tangible results.

Grateful for the wisdom gained from trainers at MOV-U, Kerri is honored to be part of the team, eager to make a meaningful impact with her expertise.

Luke Toennies

Personal Trainer

Meet Luke, whose fitness journey began when he felt too small for the football team. Determined to transform limitations into strengths, he delved into workouts and never looked back. Luke's drive stems from a belief that everyone deserves to grow up strong and capable, just as he aspired to.

Luke's mission is straightforward: to guide, challenge, and inspire. He believes in the transformative power of fitness, instilling discipline, and resilience. His dedication to helping others build their inner and outer strength echoes through every intense session, shaping individuals to become their most capable selves.

Cassidy Godue

Personal Trainer

Meet Cassidy,

She discovered her passion for fitness while struggling with confidence and unmet fitness goals. She found Luke at MOV-U and with his guidance her entire perspective shifted on what ‘fitness’ should look like.

She found a passion in challenging herself physically and mentally. Motivated by this newfound passion, she pursued her new career in personal training and coaching others to see what they are capable of achieving.

“MOV-U encouraged me to follow my dream, and now, I'm fortunate to call it home. I'm here to offer you the same support, encouragement, and motivation that transformed my life. Let's change mindsets, push boundaries, and achieve your goals together."

Abi Leach

Personal Trainer

From a young age, I embraced exercise through gymnastics and dance, reveling in movement and physical skills. At 11, I encountered Ehlers Danlos, a chronic genetic condition.

Research led me to strength training, and after crafting a program, my joint pain gradually subsided. Waking up pain-free was empowering and motivated me to become a Personal Trainer—I wanted to empower others.

Health challenges aside, I believe movement is transformative. My goal is to improve movement for both immediate and long-term benefits. Joining MOV-U is an honor and I'm grateful for the chance to make a difference.

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